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Trance - June 10, 2018 - 5:30 PM

Trance, the Dancing Drums, by Padmashri Shobana and her team of dancers and musicians on June 10th 2018 evening

Venue :
Edmonds Center for the Arts
410 th Ave N, Edmonds, Washington 98020

Please block your calendar to witness Shobana and her troupe blaze the stage with the magic of rhythms, mesmerizing music and vibrant dancing in the critically acclaimed show "Trance, the Dancing Drums".

About the Show

Trance is a quest to present Indian performing traditions in a collage of rhythm, a kaleidoscope of colours, sensual poetry and traditional Bharatnatyam. The ever-evolving mythology of Siva, the avatars of Vishnu, Mary Magdalene among other streams of consciousness is re-contextualized in a form rich in movement and visual imagery. Complimented by a sonic fabric ranging from indian classical to electronic music for audiences to be regaled and transported into the primordial state of being in Trance.

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Padmashri Shobana
Kalarpana Ensemble
Anantha R.Krishnan
Prithvi Chandrashekar

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Doors Open 5:00 PM
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