KAW Silver Jubilee Celebrations Committee (SJCC) Charter


Purpose of this document

To define the objectives, scope, roles & responsibilities and limitations of the KAW Silver Jubilee Celebrations Committee as approved by KAW General Body Meeting on 11/23/2014.



As per recommendations of KAW Advisory Committee report presented and approved by KAW General Body in March 2012, KAW 2014 EC has appointed a committee for planning and organizing events associated with KAW Silver Jubilee celebrations in 2015. The objective of SJCC is to take lead in planning and organizing those events and activities specific to silver jubilee celebrations so that the 2015 KAW EC can focus on regular events and activities typically conducted during their term.



  1. The scope of SJCC is limited to planning and organizing activities and events associated with silver jubilee celebrations in 2015.
  2. The SJCC members shall not involve in the official conduct of KAW activities and events typically done by KAW 2015 EC.


SJCC Team Structure Convener names are subject to change based on the KAW EC 2015 elections. Any convener that get elected to the President, Secretary, or Treasurer positions shall automatically lose their place as convener.




John Titus

General Convener

Ram Pranam

Convener- Finance

Santhosh Pillai

Convener- Programs

Paul John (Roshan)

Convener- Charity

PM Mathew

Convener- Souvenir

Jyothish Nair

Convener- Excursions

Mathew Joseph (Rajan)

Convener- Welcome/Reception

Jayashree Narayanan

KAW President

Rolling 2014/15

KAW Secretary

Rolling 2014/15

KAW Treasurer

Rolling 2014/15



Roles and Responsibilities


  1. The SJCC shall create a master plan for silver jubilee celebrations and present at the General Body conducted as part of 2014 Christmas/ New Year Celebrations.
  2. The SJCC shall prepare a master budget for events and activities identified in the master plan and present it to the 2015 KAW EC for approval of funds. Please also refer to #12 which was added per the General Body meeting on 11/23/2014.
  3. SJCC Convener- Finance and KAW Treasurer will work together to plan and organize fund raising initiatives required to meet financial requirements of SJC events
  4. All monetary transactions conducted by SJCC members shall follow expensing/accounting practices followed by KAW EC.
  5. The SJCC members shall enter into financial commitments with third parties only after obtaining written consent of KAW Treasurer and Chairman, SJCC
  6. All monetary transactions conducted by SJCC members will be recorded by the Convener-Finance in a separate journal of accounts, in addition to standard practice of recording in KAW books of accounts by KAW Treasurer.
  7. The KAW President, Secretary and Treasurer who are members of SJCC will update progress of SJCC activities to 2014/15 KAW EC
  8. All communications regarding SJC to the members of KAW will be conducted by Secretary, KAW through existing media such as KAW email, Face Book etc.
  9. SJCC members will attend KAW EC meetings only when requested by KAW President.
  10. KAW President and SJCC Chairman will have the final authority in resolving conflicts, if any, between KAW EC and SJCC members. Please also see #13 which was added after the GB meeting per GB recommendation.
  11. The Chairman SJCC will have sole authority to make disciplinary actions against SJCC members including expulsion of members from the committee.


Added based on GB recommendation

  1. Any financial aid needed by SJCC before the 2015 EC is sworn in, should be first presented to 2014 EC. The 2014 EC has the power to approve upto $1000 in total budget before March 1, 2015. Any amount exceeding this limit should be presented at a General Body for approval.
  2. A Joint Committee will be formed for conflict resolution purposes. The following shall be the members (23) of the Joint Committee, which will be headed by the President of the KAW EC.
    1. KAW Executive Committee members (15 members)
    2. Chairman, General Convener, and 6 Conveners of the SJCC (8 members)

Any conflict that cannot be resolved based on #10 shall be left to the Joint Committee.



A member in SJCC Committee shall not be nominated / elected for the following positions in the 2015 KAW EC team. They are already part of the SJCC by virtue of position.

-        President

-        Secretary

-        Treasurer


In the event of a member joining the 2015 KAW EC team in the above position, he /she will automatically lose membership in SJCC and the SJCC chairman and conveners can select a suitable person to fill that position.


General Body approved the above proposal on 11/23/2014 @ 2:54PM.

Proposer for the motion to approve: Madhu Kangara

Motion was seconded by: George Parappuram