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KAW Sports Tournament 2016 Rules

1. All players must be KAW members.
[Online membership link]
[See link for details about limiting participation in competitive arts and sports events to Malayalis only]
2. Last year’s winners and runners will be seeded in all competitions
3. KAW reserves the right to cancel any singles/doubles sports events if there are less than 4 participants/teams
4. KAW appointed referee’s decisions will be final and binding
5. If you have any questions about any sports events, email KAW’s Sports Committee @

Ladies' Throwball Tournament 2016

Day, Date : Saturday, 30th July
Time : 4:00 PM
Venue : Grass Lawn Park
Address : 7031 148th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052


KAW Cricket Tournament 2016

Schedule for this weekend

Semi Finals

Semi 1. Kavala Chattambis vs Pulikkoottam: Kavalachattambis won by 6 wickets.
Score: Pulikkoottam - 33 all out in 15.1 overs. Kavalachattambis - 34/1 in 6.5 overs
Detailed Scoreboard

Semi 2. PKS vs Sidewinders: PKS won by 5 wickets.
Score: Sidewinders - 55/5 in 16 overs. PKS - 56/2 in 12.1 overs
Detailed Scoreboard

Points Table

Group A

#Team PlayedWonLostTotal PointsAverage
4Ma Cha Ni413348.5
5Sidewinders Reloaded404205

Group B

#Team PlayedWonLostTotal PointsAverage
3Seattle Pattalam4225914.75
5Seattle Gems413358.75

League Stage Results

GroupTeam 1Team 2ResultTeam 1 PointsTeam 2 Points
B PKSSeattle GemsPKS won by Walkover300
B KavalachattambisBulls-IKavalachattambis won by 8 runs237
B Seattle GemsBulls-ISeattle Gems won by 23 runs255
B Seattle PattalamPKSPKS won by 4 wickets723
B Seattle PattalamBulls-IBulls-I won by 6 wickets228
A Ma Cha NiSidewindersSidewinders won by 4 wickets327
B Seattle PattalamKavalachattambisSeattle Pattalam won by 1 runs246
B Seattle GemsKavalachattambisKavalachattambis won by 5 wickets624
B PKSKavalachattambisKavalachattambis won by 2 wickets822
B Seattle GemsSeattle PattalamSeattle Pattalam won by 3 wickets327
B PKSBulls-IPKS won by 12 runs246
A SpartansSidewindersSidewinders won by 3 wickets723
A Ma Cha NiSidewinders ReloadedMa Cha Ni won by 6 runs228
A SpartansMa Cha NiSpartans won by 5 runs237
A PulikkoottamSidewinders ReloadedPulikkoottam won by 37 runs273
A Sidewinders ReloadedSidewindersSidewinders won by 4 wickets525
A Ma Cha NiPulikkoottamPulikkoottam won by 6 wickets228
A SpartansPulikkoottamPulikkoottam won by 6 wickets327
A SpartansSidewinders ReloadedSpartans won by 18 runs264
A PulikkoottamSidewindersPulikkoottam won by 5 runs219

Division Assignment based on the lot drawing

Tournament Fixture

KAW Soccer 2016

In one of the most exciting Final matches that KAW has seen in recent times, Chempada FC became the 2016 KAW Men's soccer champion by beating Black Hawks (4 - 3) in extra time.

During regular time, the teams were tied at 3 - 3. During the first half, both teams played with a cautious approach. Chempada led the first half with a goal headed in by Joshy off of a corner kick.

The second half saw Black Hawks storming into the Chempada half again and again resulting in two quick goals. Renjith Mukundan scored the equalizer with a long range kick and Najeev (Golden Boot winner) increased his tally of goals in the tournament to five, by tapping in a rebound from the post making it 2-1 for Black Hawks.

Chempada FC fought back to equalize through a brilliant ground goal scored by Joshy. Black Hawk's pressure on Chempada FC's goal mouth yielded results yet again, with a self goal by one of the Chempada defenders from a corner kick, making it 3-2.

A renewed Chempada team equalized yet again, with a goal scored by George Cherian to make it 3-3 for the regular time.

In extra time, both teams created opportunities, but failed to score in the first half. Chempada FC missed some sitters to take the lead. As the matched looked certain to go to the penalty shoot out, with one minute remaining in the match, Nikky Stephen scored a stunner from just inside the penalty box that ricocheted off the top left post and into the goal sending the tired Chempada players and fans into a frenzy.

Chempada held on to that lead to become the champions of KAW 2016 Men's Soccer Tournament.

The tournament also saw brilliant performances from the upcoming players Hemanth and Vishnu along with the seasoned players.

KAW's Soccer Fest’ 2016, one of the eagerly anticipated events of the calendar year, started on Sunday June 5th. League Schedule was decided by drawing lots in the Captain’s Meeting. This year we have 4 teams who will be competing for KAW soccer Trophy. Soccer Grand Finale will be on June 26th 6:30 PM; be preceded by Kids Soccer Match at 5:30 PM.

Match Details

Run for the Golden Boot


KAW Cricket 2016 starts on July 9th - Registration Closed Now

One of our biggest sporting spectacles, KAW's Cricket Extravaganza’ 2016 is planned for July in Redmond. The tournament will be held in Men's as well as Women's categories. The last date to register your team was June 18th. If you have any questions, email KAW’s Sports Committee @