Registration guidelines
  1. All captains need to first register their teams (using "Register a new team" checkbox from below form) and then all team members have to register to their respective teams.
  2. All players need to be active KAW members. (If membership is not active at the time of registration, then it must be renewed before the 1st game).
  3. All players will have to adhere to the park rules. If a team member is not fully vaccinated, they have to wear a mask while playing.
  4. Matches will be conducted at Perrigo park.
  5. Men's Cricket 2021 is scheduled from from 5th June - 27th June over the weekends.
  6. There is an entry fee of $200 for Men's Cricket. Please send the amount to using Zelle or pay using check on game day
  7. Womens's Cricket and Youth Cricket schedule will be announced later based on registrations.
  8. There is no entry fee for Women's and Youth Cricket.
  9. For any questions, (or if you are looking for a team to join) - please reach out to Arun Mohan (425-362-4845) or Biju Mathew (973-216-5855).